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If you want  potential customers to get an instant, informative and engaging view of your brand, product or service there is no better way than with a well produced, high quality video. 


If you are looking to make an impact at a conference, trade show or business meeting, a dramatic video is a great way to engage your audience.

Company Videos

Companies are not just about their brands and products. If you want to let your current or potential clients or any other members of your business community know about the ethos and values of your company, the people who work for it and its strategic vision, then a video can be more accessible, entertaining and engaging than a printed brochure.


For many front-line sales staff a video outlining the product they are selling can be an invaluable tool. Videos, perhaps played on a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone can include technical information, explanations of how a product works, why customers should buy it and testimonials from satisfied buyers.


From building garden sheds or installing garage doors to highly complex manuals for maintaining factory machinery we can turn dry, sometimes confusing instructions into easy-to-use video guides which can be accessed and downloaded to tablets, smartphones or computers.


Valuable staff training time can be shortened and a great deal of knowledge gained by watching engaging and entertaining instructional films. New staff can get to understand the culture of a company, the staff structure and the basics of their job before their first day at work. Technical skills, and new campaigns or product launches can be explained on video as part of staff training.

Health and Safety

Whether it’s for staff or visitors a video can be the perfect way of explaining the Health and Safety procedures and emergency requirements for anyone on your business premises. Playing a H&S video to site visitors can also mean that a H&S explanation by a member of staff is not required.

Video News Release

New products, strategic announcements, rebranding, business initiatives or any of the multitude of news items that flow from your business can be filmed and delivered to news outlets or your own You Tube channel.


With our background in broadcast television production we can look after any programming needs, from an Infomercial series for your YouTube channel to a major sponsored event for terrestrial or satellite transmission.


We can keep a copy of all your filmed material, logged and digitally archived to be used as a continuing resource.

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