LIVE@  is a production package that streams your event live to a global audience on the internet . Whether it is a trade show, event, product launch, conference or CEO message we provide a complete production service. From a multi-camera studio show to a simple single camera set-up, Koru Communications brings TV broadcast standards to the internet.

Trade Shows and Expos

Imagine offering your exhibitors and sponsors global exposure rather than just the foot traffic of those who attend the event. A LIVE@ show streamed on YouTube or Livestream and hosted on your own site can be accessed by anyone with a computer, tablet or smart-phone anywhere in the world. You can leverage income by giving tailored exposure to exhibitors, sponsors or advertisers.

Product Launches

Your product launch can take advantage of a worldwide audience of potential wholesalers, partners, retailers and customers on the internet. We can design a tailor-made launch show to be streamed live on the web and recorded for looping once the live event is completed.


Not everyone who needs to be at a conference can be at a conference. A LIVE@ show takes your event to your worldwide internet audience of employees and colleagues and allows them to interact through social media as if they were there.

CEO Messages

For important messages to colleagues, investors, employees or customers a live streamed or recorded CEO message is highly effective as it allows you to communicate person to person with your worldwide business community.

Social Media Integration

All of our LIVE@ productions can be fully integrated with your social media presence. Through Twitter, Facebook and other portals we get your messages to the people you want to reach and hear what they want to say to you.